Cant Copy And Paste?[Solved]

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Cant Copy And Paste?[Solved]

Postby Polraudio » Fri 26. Dec 2014, 22:18

Not sure if a bug or if im using it incorrectly. For some reason i cant copy and paste my selection. it lets me copy it just fine but it wont let me paste it. It will only let me paste it on the same X&Y that a copied it from.
Im copying this whole area.

and i want to paste it here but it wont let me.

I keep getting this error when i try.

Is this a bug or am i not understanding how to use this feature? im trying to copy and paste that so i dont have to individually click each voxel to make the same thing over and over 24 times.

EDIT: For anyone coming here with the same problem you have to do it in the 2d view and not the 3d view to get it to work. Not sure why but you have to from my understanding.
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