dident know where to post it (feedback)

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dident know where to post it (feedback)

Postby VoxelBuddy » Mon 12. Dec 2016, 06:49

the sofware is very nice but i think there is some things missing :) better camera control, like different camera control setups for ex blender,cinema4D... and so on :) allowing one to have custom controls will make it so much better as i'am moving from magica voxel i just wanted to quit your software as the controls was not very friendly :P but then i realized i could not only build in the little box that was provided and could build really big, and that is exactly what i needed. now another thing is to add more formats asap as there is a lot of people wanting to export models as .obj .fbx... (not zuz me is using unrelengin ur sum ting) and so on that would be awesome looking forward to see more on the software, its really well done besides those little things on my point of view :) and keep at it.
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