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GUIDE: Standard Recommendations

Postby flux » Fri 8. Nov 2013, 16:43

Rules and guidelines for staying consistent and high quality
A couple of guidelines to keep the quality and the consistency up. =)

Major thanks to RedError who contributed greatly to this guide!

NB: this guide was made specifically for the game Fantasy Online. However it can still be of use for other projects, just ignore the game specific settings.

Sprites recommendations :
  • You can use other pictures or sprites for inspiration, but you can never directly copy them.
  • Always use a dark outline for your sprite.
  • Try to limit your amount of colors. Try and use the tool "reduce palette by one" if your palette is large.

Icon recommendations : (N.B. most just applied to Fantasy Online)
  • Always use 2x2 pixels in icons for both the item AND the background.
  • Try to avoid using the gradient tool for the background. The most used style ingame (or what we aim for anyway) is a handmade gradient from light to dark that follows the shape of the item.
  • Never use a bright highly saturated color for your background.
  • If you make an icon for a sprite item, copy the icon from your sprite and double the size with control+T.
  • Some items are too small and look bad if you just copy and resize them directly in your icon. In such cases you can redraw the icon from scratch.
  • ►Guide : how to make an icon

Recommendations regarding the use of light(and shadow)

Couple of tips that might help you regarding use of light.
  • Keep your light source fixed.
  • To make something look three-dimensional, use of light is important. You shouldn't however make the far left edge the lightest part of your sprite. The part that's a bit more to the middle (but still left) is catching the most light. The edge is already curving backwards and is catching less light.
A more detailed guide on the use of light and shading see ►GUIDE: Different kinds of shading
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