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Getting Started

Postby flux » Fri 8. Nov 2013, 16:46

This thread contains information that will help you getting started with PixelShop and with pixel art in general.

General Advice:
- Once you downloaded it please extract the zip file (important!) and start the PixelShop.exe.
- At first the windows will be a bit unorganized, so your first task is to arrange them to your likings.

Getting started with PixelShop can be a bit overwhelming at first. To get your started I've assembled
some information to get you started here (the sprites used are copyrighted):

>> Manual
>> Example

Note: These are a bit outdated, but should be helpful nonetheless.

A few Guides originally made for Fantasy Online. They still contain some valuable info.

>> Guide: how to make an Icon
>> Guide: Standard recommendations
>> Guide: Different kinds of shading
>> Guide: How to recolor

If you prefer more visual instructions, here are two YouTube videos that should help you getting started

>> Video 1
>> Video 2
>> Making of video

Note: These are aimed at a slightly different audience, but still contain valuable information.

Pixelart Tutorial:
A good tutorial for pixel art can be found here:

>> Tutorial

If you liked the software and are planning to or have successfully used it in your project,
I would be happy to hear about it on this forum!
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