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PostPosted: Mon 11. Nov 2013, 19:36
by Lighterthief
Please write down any suggestion you have for the pixelshop program here.

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PostPosted: Mon 11. Nov 2013, 19:39
by Lighterthief
In custom project:

- Make the animation screen adapt to the frame of the sprite
- Make it possible to manually type in the time for a single frame when making an animation
- Make it possible to copy/cut/paste frames when making an animation

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PostPosted: Thu 14. Nov 2013, 09:38
by JohnnyPowers
Custom resolution size :D

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PostPosted: Thu 14. Nov 2013, 11:50
by flux
JohnnyPowers wrote:Custom resolution size :D

What do you mean? There is!

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PostPosted: Fri 15. Nov 2013, 02:36
by ggnoxx
- To be able to make a custom selection, without having to select a rectangle and then deselect the pixels I don't want. Or at least it could let me add pixels to a selection that are outside of the selected rectangle.

- I can't find out how to export the animation to .gif.... If it's just with Export to web, and then downloading the gif, I'd really like to have an "Export to .gif" button somewhere. Think about the people who don't have internet connection on their computer at any time(there must be someone...)

- To be able to add custom backgrounds to the animation window.

- Editable keyboard shortcuts!

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PostPosted: Mon 17. Nov 2014, 05:32
by graspee
Just got the program today, really love it. I've only used it for about an hour so some of these could be features already that I have missed, if so I apologise.

1) oval, circle, rectangle tools, both fully-filled and outline only.

1.5) Line tool.

2) Ability to enter colours numerically and to see the number of a colour you have selected, e.g. red, green and blue components from 0-255. Also ability to use sliders to set the RGB of a colour. HSV sliders would be good too. I know about the colour changer on the filter window and the keys you can use on the main drawing area but they aren't quite what I want. For example ctrl-click on main window makes a pixel darker: it would be good to set an amount that would be used, otherwise I might have to click each pixel three times to make them as dark as I want. Also I feel like the behaviour of drawing with the mouse held down with ctrl should be that each pixel only has the "darken" effect applied once, otherwise you risk making some pixels darker than you wanted because you "visit" some pixels more than once.

3) The documentation mentions an "icon" view window which I can't find in the program. I really need a view of a sprite I can see as I'm working that is a different size to 1:1 pixel. Usually I would want it to be 2x size but it would be nice to be able to zoom it in and out. edit: I have found I can use the animation window to show a 2x view. A range of sizes would be better than just 2x but I can live with it.

4) I appreciate that the program was designed to work with a specific game but it's a shame that there's quite a few good features in the projects other than custom which you can't use in a custom project for example the tile preview window for testing out sprites and the ability to see the surrounding sprites when you are working on one so that you can make them join up properly.

5) The help screen often talks about the "linked topics below" but nothing is there except a picture and nothing can be clicked.

6) "Grade" should be named "Gradient". I know not everyone has English as a first language but this actually confused me for ages before I worked out what it was.

7) When you draw multiple pixels by holding the mouse down the undo function undoes each pixel one at a time. Most programs treat all the pixels drawn (or changed with lighten/darken etc.) in one go as one thing to undo. I would prefer this, or at least to have it as an option.

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PostPosted: Thu 12. Nov 2015, 18:58
by ZaChrome
Very usefull software i would use for projects if i could convert .ccp to .bmp or .png, so It would be very nice to be able to convert to another extention than .ccp, like .bmp or .png.

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PostPosted: Thu 12. Nov 2015, 19:33
by flux
You can already export to png!

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PostPosted: Fri 28. Apr 2017, 07:57
by xanthier
I just started using this today and there is a feature that I absolutely rely on that I can't believe no one has mentioned, at least not that I can find. That is, there is no import feature for images. I often work with pieces of images or references in my drawing space. Even MS Paint has this in the form of 'Paste from' . Am I alone in this? I'm really curious now because I can't find any mention of it anywhere. Perhaps I'm the only one.

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PostPosted: Fri 28. Apr 2017, 16:03
by flux
You can already import. It's the small import icon on the layer view.

Reference images are these days usually put on a second screen in a separate program. That's why noone asked for it. There is a global color picker if you need to get reference colors.