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Short keys

Postby flux » Fri 25. Oct 2013, 18:22

Brush Tool:

ctrl + left mouse = makes pixels darker
ctrl + right mouse = makes pixels lighter
alt + left mouse = saturates the pixel color
alt + right mouse = intensify's the pixel color
ctrl + alt = switch to Color Select Tool

Color Select Tool:

ctrl + shift = will select the colour where the pointer of your mouse is at. This can be outside the program! Which is great when working from a picture and you want a specific colour.

Tip: under Tool settings > brush, select "use brush after color select".

Rectangle Tool(selection tool):

ctrl + A = select all
ctrl + C = copy
ctrl + V = paste
ctrl + X = cut
ctrl + F = flip horizontal
ctrl + R = rotate 90 degrees
ctrl + T = size x 2 (very useful whilst making icons)

The next actions must be done within the selection you've made.
ctrl + click = deselect pixel from selection
alt + click = add pixel to selection


ctrl + Z = Undo last action
ctrl + Y = Redo last undo

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Re: Short keys

Postby magnusi » Fri 1. Nov 2013, 13:05

Oh didnt know about some of these
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