Anthro Dragon made with Voxelshop for Vox

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Anthro Dragon made with Voxelshop for Vox

Postby tannim » Tue 29. Jul 2014, 04:37

While browsing at random through some indie games, I found a Minecraft like clone called vox. I liked that the character models weren't just squares like minecraft and it was on sale, so I got it. Overall, it needs a lot of work still, but has potential.

Since I got the game partially to make my own character for it, I looked through the forum and saw a post about Voxelshop. Downloaded it and it was pretty easy.

Here is a model I made with VoxelShop. The body proportions are a bit weird since I was trying to keep it the same size as a different Vox model somebody posted to that forum. Even as small as it is, it is huge compared to the default characters of the game. Vox does not use Arms for models currently, so those were not made to Vox size like the rest of the torso was. I made the horns a little longer after I added them so they are less Vox sized too. There are three strange black faced blocks on the right foot, I couldn't get rid of them. Erasing them and putting new voxels down just made the black spots show up again. I assume it is a bug in the program.

I suspect This model will not work with vox in it's current proportions.

He still needs wings and any real coloration. I only used one color of green for the whole body, really. There are a lot of adjustments I could make to his body itself, too, to make it look better.

I am posting this to both of Voxelshop) and (home of Vox) because it is related to both.

Image ... Model1.vsd
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Re: Anthro Dragon made with Voxelshop for Vox

Postby flux » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 08:19

Never replied to this, but it looks really nice! Did you get it into the game?
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