Using Blender with VoxelShop

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Using Blender with VoxelShop

Postby flux » Tue 12. Apr 2016, 16:12

Tested with a fresh install of Blender v2.77a on Windows 7.

Importing to Blender (The Basics):
1) Export from Voxel Shop
2) Start Blender and Import: File -> Import -> Collada

Enabling Textures:
1) Right click imported element to select, and select "Edit Mode"
2) Select "UV/Image Editor" as view
3) Select the exported image as the texture
4) Go back to 3D view and you should see textures

Improving Texture Quality while viewing:
1) File -> User Preferences -> System and disable "Mipmaps" under OpenGL

Improve Texture Quality while rendering:
1) Select the object you want to improve rendering quality for
2) Select the material/texture icon in the Properties view
3) Under "Image Sampling" disable MIP Map and disable Interpolation
4) Set Filter to Box and Filter Size to 0.1

Misc Improvements:
1) Press "N". There should be a menu that pops up
2) Under "Shading" Select "Texture Solid" and "Backface Culling"
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