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Various errors & ideas

PostPosted: Sat 18. Jun 2016, 19:05
by KasperHviid
Awesome program! But sadly, I encountered this here error:

In a somewhat large thing I'm working on - 100 voxels in height - some of the voxels has become invisible at certain surfaces - notice the horizontal cut in the middle:
But I do have noteable slowdown when I try Ctrl-drag to rotate the thing. So maybe my computer is at fault.

A small quirp: When Dynamic Light is enabled, holding P samples the color with hightlight/shadow influence - or it samples the black frame around the voxel.

In Photoshop, if you hold down a tool shortcut instead of clicking it, the focus will snap back to the previous selected tool the moment you let go of the key.
Could we get this feature? Then, for instance, I could hold down 5 and click to fill an area, and when I let go of the key, the focus snaps right back to my Draw Voxel tool.

As it is now, the program aims to be a 3D version of pixel art construction. I think it would be awesome if it could move away from the 'designing by placing voxels' and more toward 'playing with digital clay'. I imagine something where the Wacom pen pressure controls the flow of the voxels and the colors automatically flows together. Something akin to Sculptris, which has a more fluid and physical flow.

Anyways - thanks for a great voxel tool!

Re: Various errors & ideas

PostPosted: Sat 18. Jun 2016, 20:40
by flux
Hello Kasper,

Regarding Size Limitations: I am sorry to say this, but VoxelShop was never designed for huge amount of voxels. I would recommend that you slice you model and work on individual parts separately.
There are some things we can still do to support larger models better. The issue that you are encountering is due to everything being rendered by the CPU (software rendering). I have plans to change it to GPU rendering, but no time frame yet.

Regarding "P" color select, this is not a quirp, but a feature: There are two tools to select color:
1) Holding the "p" button allows you to select the color from ANYWHERE on the screen, so even outside of voxelshop itself.
2) Using the color select tool (hotkey "four") allows you to select colors from individual voxels (or even from groups of voxels as an average)

Regarding PS hotkey behavior: Interesting. Certainly something that could be added, however not a priority (maybe someone will do it once I make VS open source). If you really want to customize hotkey actions I would recommend to take a look at

Regarding "Sculpturing": Very interesting point. Let's take a look at the 2D analogy. This program was designed as the 3D version of the PixelShop program that you can download on my homepage. PixelShop is used to create pixel art. This is very different from drawing high res paintings. Similarly VoxelShop is meant to draw Pixel art in 3D. It's not a sculpture tool and that is by design (hence also the size limitations).

If you are looking to sculpture Voxel art I would recommend that you start by creating a 3D model and then voxelizing it (MagicaVoxel has that feature I believe). Then you can fine tune the voxels in MagicaVoxel itself.

Hope that all makes sense,
Cheers, L~

Re: Various errors & ideas

PostPosted: Sun 19. Jun 2016, 14:29
by KasperHviid
Thanks, slicing it into different layers really boosted the performance! I didn't consider that the program only had to render the visible layers. Anyway I'm currently using my Surface tablet - my real PC would handle the load better.

I almost forgot about autohotkey. Best program ever! Yeah, it could work here. Could also make the prog a bit more pen-input friendly.

Shift-leftmouse to select average colors - I didn't knew that trick, but it works really well. Pretty good at bluring the edges between contrasting color areas. Hey, a semi-transparent brush would be nice too.

PS: I have currently ended up with this workflow:
1) Paint a front-view figure in Photoshop. Scale it down to pixelart size. edit it to get an acceptable pixelart drawing. Export as .png
2) Import the painting in Voxelshop, so you have a basic form to start out with.
3) In XZ view, sequentially draw each voxel-layer. (move up/down through the layers with up/down keys)
4) If things start to slow down, split the figure into layers, and hide the ones you are not currently working on.
5) Create a .png color palette in photoshop. Import it into voxelshop and start coloring the figure. Start by painting flats areas of colors, which you then soften.

Re: Various errors & ideas

PostPosted: Sat 2. Jul 2016, 04:37
by flux
Sounds like a good flow! What are you exporting to? Where are you using your models?

Re: Various errors & ideas

PostPosted: Fri 28. Oct 2016, 06:39
by flux
I'd love to see some samples of you work btw!!