{Feature Req} Add names to color palette / rearrange colors

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{Feature Req} Add names to color palette / rearrange colors

Postby doa » Mon 8. Aug 2016, 03:04


I have been manually importing HEX values into the HEX Picker to create my own custom color palette. As such there are two features that I would love to see added to VoxelShop, and maybe others would find them useful too:

1. I would love to have the ability to provide a name for each color. When I select a color from the palette the name might show up in one of the color related windows - or if I hover my mouse over the color maybe the color shows up as a tool tip. When colors are close together or when there are several shades of an individual color to choose from it would be great to see the name of each color.

2. I would love to be able to manually drag the colors in the color palette around to re-arrange them in a more user friendly order. This would make coloring my voxel designs work flow much better.

Thanks for the great software - I love using it!

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Re: {Feature Req} Add names to color palette / rearrange col

Postby flux » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 05:53

Hey doa! Thank you very much for your post here! I will consider all these and have created an issue for them here:


Also know that you can use the shortcut "P" to select colors from anywhere on the screen!
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