Animation feature timing?

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Animation feature timing?

Postby MrHappy » Sun 22. Jun 2014, 13:44

Right now the absence of an animation feature is the only real thing I feel hinders me, any idea of when it would be coming out flux?
It'd be great if it came with the option to regulate the camera trough coordinates or something like that, so I could do orthographic projection from a predefined angle entered manually and then render:D

(Psst say you wouldn't happen to know a good Blender tutorial for animating a tiny person I made in VoxelShop?
I hate Blender and it's complexity, haven't used it for a while and now I (again) don't remember how to find my way trough the maze of it's interface.)

Also maybe an idea for you, you're planning the regular kind of animation where the blocks leave their normal grid right? What if you after that, make one that actually moves the blocks into the new position while keeping them within the block grid? Because this second form of animation would be usable to edit the voxel based creature rather than purely animate them(i.e. make the model look different in resting position)(kinda like a rotation tool but including the non easy angles)

(The second animation type would make your program a pioneer in certain feature ^_^ )
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Re: Animation feature timing?

Postby flux » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 07:57

Magica Voxel does this now btw!
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