Hello and welcome to my homepage! I have many different hobbies, but for the purpose of this homepage let's call me a software developer. During my university time I used much of my spare time for coding - simply because I enjoyed it.
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This page currently serves as a platform to promote the software I have written and to allow for easy two way communication with you. You'll be able to give feedback, ask for help and report bugs. In reverse you can learn about current development.
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PixelShop is a small but very powerful program for Windows and OSX to create pixel art. Hundreds of pixel artists have improved this program with their requests and suggestions and it is (mostly) feature complete.
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VoxelShop is an extremely intuitive and powerful software for OSX, Windows and Linux to modify and create voxel objects. It was designed from the ground up in close collaboration with artists. The program is in alpha and features are being still added.
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Over time I have created a number of useful programs. While the biggest projects are Pixel- and VoxelShop, there is more to check out.
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On the forum you can directly communicate with me and other users. Feel free to ask questions and to check out all the helpful information - there is plenty.
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If you want to learn about updates as soon as they happen, please follow me on twitter. You can also see recent tweets at the bottom of this page.
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