PixelShop is a small but very powerful program for Windows and OSX to create pixel art. Hundreds of pixel artists have improved this program with their requests and suggestions and it is (mostly) feature complete.
Further information can be found below. If you have any problem, suggestion, comment, or you found a bug in my program, please post on the forum.

Color Selection

PixelShop includes many different tools to assist you in quickly choosing the perfect color.
You can select colors from anywhere on the screen and adjust the active color with the help of several dockable windows.
Color ramps can be automatically generated and you can build and reuse your own color palettes.

Many Features

PixelShop allows you to create your own, custom sized sprite sheet, featuring a full fledged animation system. A layering system, similar to well known image software, makes iteration fast and intuitive.
The program has a tiny footprint and does not require an install. The dockable windows allow you to arrange the tools that you utilize most, for best efficiency. A more exhaustive list of features is included with the download.


PixelShop was designed to be intuitive and to allow people without previous experience to get started right away. However it also is very powerful and includes many different features.
By hovering over a specific window or tool and pressing ESC you can learn about the exact functionality of the tool, including a list of related shortcuts.


This utility is released as freeware. That means you can use it in any project, commercial or not. There are no plans to monetize this software.
If you liked the software and are planning to or have successfully used it in your project, I would be happy to hear about it on the forum!

Cloud Upload

Conveniently store and access all your program settings in the cloud and get the same experience across different computers.
Quickly upload your creation to the web with just one click and decide which images to share with others.